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Ayurvedic Product Launch Event

New Products on the way !! Congratulations, This is an exciting time for all of You. Today We have Launched many Ayurvedic Products for your Good Health.

Good News for Everyone!! The launching was done in high spirit in Presence of MDCA Team Mohali. The Doctors Present in the function appreciated the composition of our products, as they were well aware of the benifits of the ingredients.

For More info of our Products. You can also Reach this Link.. https://www.betasyshealth.com/shop/

Betasys Healthcare
Launching of Ayurvedic Products

Press Conference

Betasys Healthcare Pvt Ltd.. Release Press Conference for our New Launching Ayurvedic Products. At this Occassion Mr. Niraj Bhasin, MD of BETASYS HEALTHCARE PVT LTD said, “Allopathic medicines give immediate relief, but do not remove the disease. whereas Ayurveda has the ability to eliminate any disease from its root. Herbal Products are good because they do not harm the body”.
Betasys HealthCARE PVT LTD
Betasys Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Press Conference in Chandigarh

BETASYS HEALTHCARE PVT LTD.. Press Conference for Ayurvedic products of Betasys Healthcare Pvt Ltd with The MD (Mr. Neeraj Bhasin) of the company, The Director of the company, The Vise President of the company and The Executive Admin of the company. Guys We are Launched many Ayurvedic Healthcare Products for Your Good Health. We Help! We Care!!

Press Conference in Chandiagarh
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