Betasys Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has been established under the leaderships of extremely professional leaders, whose main goal revolves around the satisfaction of the clients by maintaining absolute perfection in the work that we do. Since we are dealing with manufacturing ayurvedic products, which deal with the health issues of the commoners today, therefore, we need to exercise extra caution while preparing these because any minor issues can also be damaging and fatal as well.

Our management comprises of highly knowledgeable people from various domains such as finance, human resources, marketing, administration and other relevant domains, who embed our company with appropriate skills and expertise. The entrepreneurial group of our company is not only maintaining the consistency in terms of manufacturing, packaging, distribution and exporting but also is coming up with brilliant and innovative ideas for the betterment of our overall services. Our creativity and excellence in all the fields enable us to become a pioneer in the ayurvedic domain.

The board of directors and top management of Betasys Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. are the most competent of these times and they have segregated our functioning in broad divisions of manufacturing excellence, contract manufacturing, regulatory support, manufacturing services and packaging. This compartmentalization of services helps in streamlined process of working by our company but at the same time ensures that all the sectors of services are operating in sync with each other.

Our team works diligently by following all the essential guidelines of the government under the strict scrutiny of our management. Apart from these features, our management also takes care of all other relevant and critical issues like obtaining the required certifications from the important organizations and statutory bodies in order to safeguard the interests of the common people. At the same time, on-time delivery and cost optimization are the two main features that make us stand apart from the rest in every manner. Above all, it is our management’s motivation that keeps us going as one of the strongest player in the Ayurvedic market of the whole world.

Managing Director

Mr. Neeraj Bhasin

Mr. Neeraj Bhasin, has been with BetaSys Healthcare right from the day it got established. This is why the enterprise has been able to flourish in such a stipulated time. Also, his belief in being a down to earth person inspires many youngsters, and after all as he is a person with a visionary mind. Everyone cherishes his presence when it comes to planning for long-term goals.


Mrs. Smridhi Bhasin

Mrs. Smridhi Bhasin the director of the enterprise is quite a prominent member especially for the in-house management. Whether it is to make strategies to achieving new heights or exploring new business avenues, she gives utmost priority to the best and plays a key role in executing innovative ideas. After all, it is the question of producing quality assured medicines.

Vice President Operations

Mr. Vipul Sharma

Mr. Vipul Sharma is responsible for strategizing all the pharmacy store operations. It not only includes overseeing the workflow and ensuring development. Providing constructive evaluations and monitoring performance is also a part of it. Furthermore, it’s his cost-effective decision that the enterprise can meet the current and future needs of the market.

Executive Associate Admin

Ms. Karishma Bhagat

Ms. Karishma Bhagat adheres to all the responsibilities that she is assigned to. Either it comes to implementing the new policies or maintaining documentation. She has always been there with the hand of an expert. This is why when it comes to policy changes the company relies on her. 

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