Betasys Haldi Drops- Best Immunity Booster in 2021

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Haldi Drops is the Best Immunity Booster.

Helps In 10 Health Benefits:-

*Immunity Booster



*Fights inflammation Relief in Cough And Cold

*Good for Heart Health

*Supports Digestive Health

*Good For Joint Health

*Good for Skin Health

“Haldi” has been in use here for decades. Starting as a flavouring agent, it later became a major part of top medicinal brands for treating many diseases. Applying Haldi to the body is still considered advantageous and if we talk about taking milk with Haldi Drops.

Its astounding effects are not unheard of. It’s another thing that as we are in the time of the pandemic. People intermittently are looking for something extraordinary. Don’t worry at BetaSys, we have something   special for you. Excited? Here you go.

Betasys Haldi Drops- Best Immunity Booster in 2021
Haldi Drops- Herbal Haldi Drops

You might have not heard about BetaSys “Haldi Drop”. But it has some exceptional properties which make it stand out from other products out there. Like it is 100% Ayurvedic and aims at boosting the immunity level. These days, immunity is the need of the hour.

It helps in increasing the same to an optimum level thereby making you resistant to numerous health issues.

Also, it works as an antimicrobial and antioxidant agent. It means along with damaging cells, you don’t need to worry about common diseases like cough and cold. Furthermore, it takes care of joint and skin health. Sounds good, right?

Coming to its general description- It is available in 50 ml packaging size and is amongst the Ayurvedic product of BetaSys. It aims at immunity booster and plays some other key roles as well.

Either it is building immunity(Immunity Booster), working as an antioxidant agent, antimicrobial, or taking care of us against cold, cough, joint, and skin issues. This all can be avoided by buying this product. Lastly, it can be taken twice a day with warm water or milk or as directed by the physician.

So, don’t wait and grab yours. As these days are already passing with uncertainty.

Haldi Drops, also known as turmeric Drops, has a long history of medicinaluse dating back to thousands of year. The health-promoting effects of Haldi Drops are well recognized and in practice in Ayurveda and any other traditional systems of medicine in the world. In India, Haldi is also used as a spice and as  an auspicious component in religious ceremonies.I n Sanskrit ,

Haldi has many synonyms ,including Bhadra(auspicious or lucky ),Haldi (that draws attention to its bright color),Jayanti (one that winsa over diseases), Haridra(dear to hari, Lord Krishna), Yoshitapriya (beloved of women) etc. Because of its brilliant yellow colour ,it is often called” Indian Saffron”.

Betasys Haldi Drops combines the rich experience of Betasys with the therapeutics benefits of Haldi Drops like boosting immunity, antioxidant and anti-infammatory  properties and beneficial effects on the skin ,joint and liver health etc. The various health benefits of Haldi Drops have been attributed to the presence of actives like curcumin present in Haldi extract.

Health Benefits of  Haldi. Health / turmeric helps to Immunity Booster. A good Immunity Booster can help protect from common day to day affictions .The immune stimulating potential of Haldi has been established in preclinical and clinical studies. Haldi/ turmeric is reported to possess antioxidant properties. Antioxidants can help protect from the damage caused by free radicals to body cells.

Haldi/ turmeric is considered good for Joint health by the virtue of its Anti infammatory properties that can helps in Reducing joint problems. A Published Metanalysis provided Scientific evidence that Supports the efficacy of turmerics extract in Maintaining joint health Haldi/ turmeric is considered good for Skin Health. Haldi has been used traditionally.

in the management of skin conditions for a long time and its beneficial effects on skin health have been established through Scientific studies. A published metanalysis of ten clinical studies on the use of turmeric/ curcumin in the management of various skin conditions reported statistically significant improvement in skin conditions and their severity.

Haldi/ turmeric is traditionally acclaimed for supporting respiratory health. Published scientific studies report it can be usefull in alleviating cough, cold and allergic and inflammatory respiratory conditions . Turmeric can also help relive mucus /phlegm.

Haldi/ turmeric is reported to possess lipid lowering effects. Published studies report Turmeric could be good for heart and liver health by protecting against effects of hypercholesterolemia and oxidative stress. Haldi Drops is good for liver health. Hepatoprotective effects of Turmeric have been observed against various hepatotoxins in published scientific studies.

Extracts obtained from the rhizome of Turmeric are reported to possess antimicrobial /antibacterial /antifungal properties. Haldi/turmeric is largely used as a spice in many households. As per Ayurveda,Haldi Drops is good for digestive health and can help stimulate digestive function. Gastro-protective effects of Haldi have been reported. Haldi/turmeric is also known as Gandhaplashika-which produces a good smell.The aroma of Haldi is believed to have a calming and relaxing effects.

At last We can say that Haldi Drops is the best Immunity Booster in 2021.

Composition :

Each 10 ml contains :-

Kali Mirch Extract 3 ml. Turmaric Extract 4.5 ml.

Expecients q.s.

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