KasRas Cough Syrup

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KasRas Cough Syrup

Troubled by cough? Don’t worry, with the sudden change in weather and most importantly as we are exposed to viruses and bacteria nowadays. It is quite usual for a normal human being to get indulge in it. Yes, people take preventive measures like household remedies. But that does not sound much effective for a few, as they don’t take it seriously. Due to this reason, they are not even able to get rid of this problem instantly. Are you one of them? Then take a look below. You will get to know what BetaSys has to offer.

BetaSys, one of the leading healthcare enterprises, has been engaged in manufacturing and supplying health care products for over 7 years now. At present, we are actually into every aspect of healthcare and have a wider range. But Ayurvedic being the core aspect, we have been tuning it with modern evaluation procedures.

Coming to what BetaSys has to offer? See, KasRas, is such a cough syrup which seems like other medicines. But being a product of BetaSys it is a bit different and has some medicinal properties. Like, it is fortified with Tulsi, mulethi and Kali mirch.  It means if you are suffering from cough for a long time or just caught in it recently. This syrup will help you to get instant relief. In most cases, people are seen feeling sleepy or lethargic due to persistent coughing. Well, KasRas works as a wonderful remedy in those cases as well, keeping in mind that you take its dosage properly.

Talking about its general details- It comes in 200 ml packaging size and specifically works in getting fast relief from cough ailment. To say this issue does not take much longer to eradicate. But as we said above a persistent cough can cause drowsiness. Once you take it, you will get rid of this as well shortly. Moreover, it is 100% natural and is honey-based Ayurvedic syrup. Besides it includes Tulsi, mulethi, and Kali mirch which does wonders in case of coughing ailments.

Believe it in once. You will keep praising its qualities.